First Commercial Realty Development

Property Management

Property ManagementOur management division is headed by Peter Gikas, Vice President of Real Estate Management who manages a portfolio of approximately 2.3 million square feet of real estate including office buildings and shopping centers.  Peter has an extensive background in managing the distinct needs of the various entities we represent.  He is experienced in handling all aspects of the management process.  As a trained attorney, he understands the complexities of lease negotiations, insurance requirements, premises liability, property related contracts, tenant relations, tax valuation and mortgage financing.  Peter is fully capable of providing numerous value added services.  For a number of years Peter actively managed various Class A office buildings owned by Schostak Brothers.  Peter’s expertise and commitment to the management process would be unmatched by most real estate professionals.  He would take a hands-on approach to managing your property.  We would meet with you and the tenant on a regular basis and gain a full understanding of your management expectations and needs.