First Commercial Realty Development

Real Estate Management

Real Estate ManagementWhether a property is owned by a small group of individuals or a large institution, good real estate management must employ the optimal blend of services to sustain value enhancement of a property regardless of its size.  First Commercial combines over 22 years of real estate experience to achieve this end.  We have successfully managed and leased a variety of properties with their own unique requirements.  We have managed and leased triple net single tenant buildings, distressed multi tenant properties, speculative buildings, as well as, industrial, office, and medical buildings.  Our continued success can be characterized by our hard working team approach which is hands-on and focused.

Under the leadership of our real estate professionals, our team can identify owner, as well as, tenant goals and develop a comprehensive and strategic management plan.  Your goals are clearly communicated to the appropriate members of our firm whether it be construction, brokerage, development or simply management.  By developing a close relationship with the owner and tenant we can achieve the highest level of accountability and performance.  By achieving this end, we in turn would help you maximize cash flow and enhance your property’s market value.

Years of experience have allowed us to become proficient in providing outstanding services at the most competitive price structures.  Our selection of service providers assures quality service and the highest level of professionalism.  Additionally we feel our network can do all this quickly and with the least amount of disruption to the tenant’s work environment.

First Commercial believes in a proactive management strategy.  This practice is most evident in our full service accounting department which is operated by seasoned real estate accountants.  Using the Newstar property management accounting software program we have an integrated state of the art solutions and information package that would offer you detailed financial and budget functions, would facilitate your decision making process and give you a consistent and accountable method to evaluate the future needs of your real estate investment.

In today’s real estate economy, property owners need performance and a high degree of confidence in the future viability in the investment.  First Commercial has an edge over most real estate companies as we can provide a complete turn key operation to handle all of your property needs, whether it be construction management, value analysis, market analysis, brokerage, lease negotiations or just proper and intelligent facility management.